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strum n : sound of strumming; "the strum of a guitar" v : sound the strings of (a string instrument); "strum a guitar" [syn: thrum] [also: strumming, strummed]

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  1. To play a guitar using most strings simultaneously.

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A strumm is the act of brushing one's fingers over, or strumming, the strings of a string instrument such as a guitar.
A strumming pattern is a preset pattern used by a rhythm guitar. Compare with pattern picking, strumming patterns may be indicated through notation, tablature, up and down arrows, or slashes. For example, a pattern in common time or 4/4 consisting of alternating down and up eight note strokes may be written:
The pattern most typical of rock and related styles would be written:
/ /\ \/\
Patterns may alternate or vary through one song.
Examples of primary strumming patterns in songs (Dix, 1993, p.19-26):


strum in Hebrew: פריטה על גיטרה
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